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Injury Prevention Toolkit

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Injury Prevention is a field of public health in which efforts are taken to reduce the likelihood of bodily injury. Unintentional Injuries are commonly considered accidental results of an accident like a car wreck.  However, car wrecks and the injuries that result from car wrecks can be reduced by driving according to traffic safety laws and by wearing seat belts. So as our understanding of public safety increases, we realize that accidents and the injuries and deaths that result from them are not so accidental, but they are unintentional. 


Why should Indian communities care about Injury Prevention?  Injury prevention is important because unintentional injuries are currently the #1 cause of deaths for Indian people between the ages of 1 and 44 years old.  The good news is that these injuries and deaths are largely preventable! Injury prevention efforts are meant to protect our communities, our families and thus our future as Indian people. 


If you download the toolkit or sections of the toolkit, the feedback you provide would be greatly appreciated.  We have developed a short survey that can be completed online at your earliest convenience.

This toolkit has been developed specifically for use in tribal communities as a resource to be used when thinking about Injury Prevention. The toolkit focuses on five major injury prevention topics:

Seat Belt Safety  
Seat Belt Safety Introduction Seat Belt Safety Observation Protocol Form
Seat Belt Safety Resource List Seat Belt Safety Presentation
Seat Belt Safety Fact Sheet                                Seat Belt Safety Brochure
Seat Belt Safety Observation Form  
Child Car Seat Safety  
Child Safety Seat Introduction Child Safety Seat Observation Protocol Form
Child Safety Seat Resource List Child Safety Seat Presentation
Child Safety Seat Fact Sheet  Child Safety Seat Brochure
Child Safety Seat Observation Form Child Safety Seat - Becoming a Technician
Helmet Safety  
Helmet Safety Introduction  Helmet Safety Observation Protocol Form
Helmet Safety Resource List  Helmet Safety Presentation
Helmet Safety Fact Sheet   Helmet Safety Brochure
Helmet Safety Observation Form  Helmet Safety Policy Change on Tribal Lands
Helmet Safety Buying Guide
 Helmet Safety - How to fit a Helmet
Fire Safety  
Fire Safety Introduction Fire Safety Presentation
Fire Safety Resource List Fire Safety Brochure
Fire Safety Fact Sheet  Fire Safety Alarm Buying Guide
Fire Safety Statistics  
Elder Safety  
Elder Safety Introduction Elder Safety Home Safety Assesment
Elder Safety Resource List Elder Safety Checklist for Kids
Elder Safety Fact Sheet
Elder Safety Home Safety Protocol

Tools on other topics can be added as your program grows.


This toolkit was created by the Tribal Epidemiology Center Consortium (TECC). TECC is made up of three Tribal Epidemiology Centers: the Northwest Tribal EpiCenter housed at the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, the Southern Plains Inter-Tribal EpiCenter housed at the Oklahoma City Area Inter-Tribal Health Board, and the California Tribal EpiCenter housed at the California Rural Indian Health Board.   


The toolkit is meant to be a resource for communities to use when starting or continuing an injury prevention program.  We have provided all of the documents in both a microsoft word and PDF.  Our hope is that you can add your own logos, contact information and additional data into the tools as you see fit.  We know that there a lot of existing resources out there so we created an easy to use “Resource Guide” for each module.


A special thanks to the Injury Prevention Program of the Family and Community Health Department at the California Rural Indian Health Board (CRIHB). CRIHB staff members Barbara Hart and Karen Santana of the Injury Prevention Program contributed a great deal of time, energy, knowledge and resources into building this toolkit. Without their expertise in this field, we would not have been able to create this amazing resource.


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