For Questions regarding the CAIRS program, contact the CAIRS staff at 916.929.9761

CAIRS is a substance abuse treatment and recovery support service program funded through a grant by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and administered by the California Rural Indian Health Board. CAIRS is part of a larger, national Access to Recovery initiative created to give people the ability to choose services that meet their unique individual needs.

CAIRS believes that AI/AN communities in California have the best knowledge and capability to identify needs and solutions to substance abuse problems within their own communities. CAIRS supports this work by coordinating a network of community-based providers to help individuals and families access high quality treatment and recovery support services. In addition, CAIRS has committed approximately $13.1 million dollars to pay for people to receive treatment over the four years of the Access to Recovery program which began September 30, 2010.

We hope you will explore our website to learn more about our Mission and History. Today, we have a statewide Provider Network of providers who are dedicated to furthering the health and wellness of AI/AN people. We also operate a Help Desk for Providers from 7am to 4pm West Coast time, which is staffed by dedicated professionals who are available to answer any questions you may have about us and the work we do in California.